Why you should be mapping out your winsIf you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I am all about positivity.

My glass isn’t just half-full, it’s overflowing!

One of the reasons I’m so positive is that I work for it. I take time each day to reflect on the good things that have happened, and what I’m looking forward to next.

I’m telling you this because it’s had a major impact on my business.

Running a business is a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun! One of the best ways to bring in more positivity is to map out your wins

Here’s what that looks like:

  • Open up your bullet journal, or Word document, or that scrap of paper you keep on your desk. Think back to when you first started your business, whether that was 10 days or 10 years ago.
  • Now, think of all your wins. Start with the smallest win you can think of. Was it making your first dollar? Was it quitting your day job?
  • Write that first one down, and then the next, and the one after that— all the way up to today.
  • Keep it going! Track your wins on a daily or weekly basis, no matter how small.

If you’ve been in the game a while, take a moment to notice something… Those small accomplishments have added up, haven’t they?

Or, if you’re still in the beginning of your journey, get pumped! Those small wins are going to stack up to something major.

Now that you’ve made your list, you might be wondering…  Okay, but why?

Those wins aren’t just a list of accomplishments to look at and get warm fuzzy feelings. Those wins are the evidence of your hard work and success. Those wins shout to the world “LOOK WHAT I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED!”

Here’s a little secret: it’s totally cool to brag about your accomplishments from time to time. You worked hard for them!

Look at your list, and notice how small wins (like gaining followers on social media) can stack up to newer, bigger wins (getting a bunch of leads from a Facebook group). Those wins stack up to even bigger wins, like scoring a major client or selling out your newest course.

Start thinking about what small wins you’ve had this week that you can snowball into bigger wins.

(Pssst… This is where the “map” part of mapping out your wins comes in.)

Let’s say your small win this week was meeting another business owner at a networking event.

Depending on your business goals, your map could look like any of these:

  • New contact → Connect via LinkedIn → Join their network and send some cold pitches
  • New contact → Invite them to join your Facebook group → They refer new business to you
  • New contact → Follow up with them in a week to meet in real life → They connect you to other businesses in the area

While snowballing those wins is reason enough to start mapping them out, there’s an even better reason out there: that list of wins is proof of your success! 

Every time I’m on a call with a potential lead, I keep my list handy. That way, when they ask for concrete examples of my skills, I have immediate, relevant evidence.

A win is a win, no matter how small.

You should celebrate every single one as evidence of your hard work!

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Comment below and tell me how you’re going to snowball your wins!

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I can’t wait to help you stack those wins!

All the best,