Business is about more than making money.

It’s about using your gifts to help people AND making a living* doing it.

And, in my world, a living* is about more than just minimum wage, it’s about making the amount of money you require to lead the life you want, see the world, donate to causes, take care of your kids, pay it forward in your community and so on.

Creating a business is about being of service and living an abundant life.

And, there’s an important piece of the puzzle that most people get stuck on-- connecting the dots between knowing HOW and WHO you want to serve.

The answer? Intentional Marketing.

Hey, I’m Meliss Jakubovic, Founder of Meliss Marketing, Author of #Expert, and Host of The Marketing Tips With Meliss Podcast, and I’m here to help you come up with a marketing strategy that’s in alignment with your values and gets you RESULTS.

And by results, I mean sales. ;)

If you’re ready to accelerate your business and make more of an impact in this world, let’s get started.
"Ever hear the saying that even a chiropractor needs a chiropractor? We all know it. Yet, how often do us 'professionals' heed the advice. I've been working online as a professional online marketer and technical consultant for over a decade. I know my stuff and, boy, Meliss does too! There are so many "duh!" and "Why didn't I think of that!" moments in reviewing my Marketing Tip Report from Meliss. The on-point advice has already helped me to make positive changes to my web presence; creating a tighter hold on my social media, branding, and content creation. I love that while Meliss seeks to find the positives she has no issue in letting me know the truth and the negatives on where I need to seek improvement. If you are at all serious about your business, I highly recommend a strategy session with Meliss!”

-Alaina F., Web Presence Consultant

"I absolutely love all of the personalized marketing feedback I received from Meliss on my marketing strategy! She let me know what was working well, and what needs to come next. It's a much appreciated and needed relief to turn the overwhelm and ambiguity of where to begin, into actionable next steps! Looking forward to working with her again on more business projects, she knows her stuff!”

-Megan A., Professional Intuitive at Megan Alexandria