"Ever hear the saying that even a chiropractor needs a chiropractor? We all know it. Yet, how often do us 'professionals' heed the advice. I've been working online as a professional online marketer and technical consultant for over a decade. I know my stuff and, boy, Meliss does too! There are so many "duh!" and "Why didn't I think of that!" moments in reviewing my Marketing Tip Report from Meliss. The on-point advice has already helped me to make positive changes to my web presence; creating a tighter hold on my social media, branding, and content creation. I love that while Meliss seeks to find the positives she has no issue in letting me know the truth and the negatives on where I need to seek improvement. If you are at all serious about your business, I highly recommend a strategy session with Meliss!”

-Alaina F., Web Presence Consultant

"I absolutely love all of the personalized marketing feedback I received from Meliss on my marketing strategy! She let me know what was working well, and what needs to come next. It's a much appreciated and needed relief to turn the overwhelm and ambiguity of where to begin, into actionable next steps! Looking forward to working with her again on more business projects, she knows her stuff!”

-Megan A., Professional Intuitive at Megan Alexandria
You’re here because you want your business to succeed online – maybe you’ve tried other agencies and were, let’s say less than impressed with the results; or maybe you’ve heard that if you aren’t on Facebook, your business isn’t growing.

Regardless of the reason, I can say with ultimate confidence that your search for that “secret weapon” to capture online success for your business is over.

Welcome to Meliss Marketing. I’m Meliss, that’s Melissa without the “a”. I’m a go-getter, hard-working internet marketer that has the guts, talent, and confidence to take your business where it needs to go. I pride myself on the high quality, over-the-top results that I get for my clients. Results I can duplicate for you.

I’m ready and willing to devote my full attention to helping your business correctly use the internet to grow – my knowledge, experience, and my industry contacts are all leveraged to get you leads and sales that other marketers will tell you are nigh on impossible to achieve. Not with me; achieving the impossible is a daily occurrence at Meliss Marketing.

How can that be? I’ve created a proven blueprint I like to call the Meliss Marketing Lead Generation methodology that cranks up the ROI on your internet marketing. And, unlike other so-called internet “gurus”, I actually use the exact same system to get leads for my own business – in fact, I would bet you’re here because of one of the many proven steps inside my system. Soon you'll understand why I'm known in the industry as the "Lead Generation Genie".

Check out any one of my services pages to understand exactly what we do and how it can work for your business.

Listen, I know that trusting some words on a page on the internet is a lot to ask. That’s why I invite you to put my secrets to the test. Download my free guide and workbook “Finding Your Dream Customer” and experience the first step in my proven marketing approach.

If your mind isn’t racing with new ideas and the exciting potential of putting your business online, then I wish you the best and no hard feelings.

If however, like so many before you, you find that my free guide provides more value than 99.9% of the rushed, shallow, and vapid reports you find on most internet marketing websites, you should apply to work with me. I’ll review your application and, if I think we would be a good fit for each other, I’ll get straight to work helping your business dominate the internet.


We put all of these elements together in a way that targets customers who want what you're selling and who are ready to buy... and we tend to your campaign from inception through go-live, split testing for optimization and beyond. If you think Facebook marketing is only about having a business page and posting on your wall occasionally, you're not even scratching the surface.
Bottom line: our campaigns WILL make your phone ring (or your inbox fill up with new customers, or make your shop door swing open, depending on your business type).
Contact us for our full-on marketing package or for smaller projects that incorporate any of the elements we feature.