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Why you SHOULD be a control-freakList building is an important way to grow your business.

But there is one major difference between social media marketing and email marketing: CONTROL!

On social media, you have control over who sees your targeted Facebook ads and things you post in groups. Besides that, those ever-changing algorithms on social media platforms can make it difficult for the right prospects to see your content.

Email marketing is different.

Your email list is the only place you will find a group of people who are

A) Already invested in you

B) Only able to see exactly what you want them to see

How amazing is that ⁉

That level of control is HUGE. You have the power to give your list great insights, make them laugh, and gently guide them to the outcome you both want: a relationship.

You want a client, they want some help.

It’s a match made in heaven. ❣

Which is why you must be very careful with the list.

I follow thousands of people on social media! Only a very small fraction of them are lucky enough to get my email.

When a prospect joins your list, what they’re really doing is allowing you to enter their digital home: the inbox. And if there is one thing we all hate, it’s junk mail.

The best thing you can do to build and maintain your email list is to give your subscribers the high-quality content they deserve.

Not another advertisement for a service they aren’t even sure they need.

Over in my Social Marketing Academy, I’m teaching about list building. You’ll learn how to get them to opt-in, how to build trust to convert prospects into paying clients, and my top five tips for email marketing.

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