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I’ll admit it, I was a tad late to the game on a few of the social media platforms; you just never know sometimes whether something is going to take off or be a complete flop.

With that being said, I assure you Facebook is not going away. Not only is it here to stay, it has quickly become a leader in marketing and advertising for business.

Facebook has 2 billion users every single month!

I’ll just let that sink in a minute….

2 billion people is nothing to balk at.

Anyone in business will ultimately need to be on Facebook. Why? It’s not a complicated answer; simply put, because that’s where your customers are hanging out.

However, it’s not enough to just BE on Facebook. In order to truly be successful and generate sales, you need a strategy and a social game to gain recognition.

I often talk to business owners that know they need to be on Facebook but aren’t yet convinced that they need to invest dollars into it; they don’t want to spend the money. They’re only avoiding the inevitable and missing out on a huge opportunity for growth.

Here’s why you should be investing in Facebook marketing:

Your Competitors Are

You will find that over time, you will lose business to the competition that is interacting and engaging with their customers online. Even businesses that have a need for privacy and discretion still should be accessible online so clients can easily get ahold of them. Truth is: businesses that don’t have an online presence and engagement on Facebook now look suspicious. Your customers want to get to know you, want to trust you and want to buy from you; give them easy access to do that. If you don’t, I promise your competition will.

You’ll Get a Great Return on Investment ROI

With a solid strategy and good creativity you’ll be able to attract clients you might not have normally been able to reach. Facebook offers the ability to target specific audiences so you can choose who your ad shows up for.  No more random postcard mailings by zip code; instead choose shopping habits, demographics and more. Facebook marketing is the most economical choice for marketing your business. The average cost per sale is much lower than traditional advertising methods.

It WILL Grow Your Business

Statistics don’t lie. In an average week, there are 13 million comments on local Facebook business pages. People are connecting AND BUYING from businesses through Facebook. Even those businesses that were successful before Facebook will tell you that growth is easier and quicker using this social media giant.

Without Facebook you are limiting your reach and potential for growth. Investing in your business is the best thing you can do to achieve long-term growth and success.

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All the best,