How many times have you heard about SEO; Fifty, a hundred, maybe even a thousand? If you Google SEO (search engine optimization) you’d find page after page of conflicting and confusing information. Some articles will tell you SEO is the only way to achieve Google ranking, others will tell you it’s completely dead and irrelevant. So what should you believe?

Years ago anyone familiar with a little tech could write code, build and link websites and get Google ranking and the attention they wanted. Later on, Google figured this out and made changes to their platform making us reconsider how we think about marketing and SEO. Keywords became the go-to solution for manipulating the search engine. This too was short-lived.

Keywords are no longer the answer, so what is?

Content! There’s been a shift from a keyword focus to a topic and content focus. Google’s mission is to provide real content that people want to read and share with others.  

A great example of this is video in your social strategy and digital marketing. You may not be aware of this but you are 53x more likely to show up first on Google when you are using video.

SEO isn’t a game to win anymore. Agencies are charging thousands of dollars claiming to be SEO experts and making fake promises while delivering mediocre results. Sure there are things they can do right away to enhance your marketing and visibility but it offers no permanent long-term value.

Google used to operate based on the assumption that if you linked to someone on the internet they, too, must have valuable content; not anymore. Google now recognizes content promoted on social media as relevant. This leaves the majority of SEO activity to be a waste of effort and resources.

So what do we do instead? The key is to consistently put out content that benefits those who are searching on the web. Writing, social and video is the sure-fire way to gain recognition and maintain an online presence for sustainable growth in your business.

You don’t need an SEO expert; you need a digital marketer that can create unique and compelling content and knows how to reach your target audience.

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