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The 4 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now To Get More ClientsWhen you are just starting out online, you may find that getting clients is a BIG challenge.

If you are a coach or have an online business, you may be thinking…

How do I meet so many people that are my ideal client?

How do I connect with them?

How will I find them?


If you have a brick and mortar business but you’re just starting to see the value of expanding your reach on social, you may be saying to yourself…

I’m just throwing away my money to FB ads.

I can’t find people to purchase my services! 

How will I sign my first client online?


But I have an affordable plan to help make others see you as the expert in your industry (and that’s what it’s all about online)

Before spending money online (or simultaneously) do these 4 things…

1- Get Visible Online

By this I mean, put yourself out there! Get in front of everyone! You can do this by joining online groups and being active in them. Don’t think about it too much, just throw yourself into the conversation.

Respond to comments that peak your interest or are speaking about something related to your industry (this is easier if you are in a group that has to do with the services you offer or that is filled with your dream customer).

The goal is to network and connect. I like to do this in private message and of course, with LinkedIn. It’s a great tool to get in touch with the people, coaches, and companies that need your products and services.

2- Get Visible Offline

Depending on your introverted or extroverted status, you may prefer one of these over the other  but the truth is, if you want people to know that you and your offers exist, you gotta get in front of them! So step outside of your comfort zone and take your networking-self offline too.

Join meetups and groups that center around businesses or entrepreneurship and attend any get-togethers that you can. Go to networking events for business owners. Tell those that you have served to spread the word about how they liked your service.

In order to grow, you need to reach as many people as possible  and surrounding yourself with other business owners is a great way to stay relevant and part of the conversation. Even if those business owners don’t need your product or service right now, they may need it later or know someone else who could benefit. The more often you are top of their mind, the more likely they will recommend you.

3- Create Great, Valuable Content and Be Consistent

Content marketing is a truly powerful way to show your audience that you are the expert in your field and you really know your stuff. When you are posting valuable content consistently, you are also showing them that you are reliable and follow-through (both great business characteristics!)

When you are able to offer so much value to your audience for free, they will be so intrigued to find out what your paid stuff must look like.

Educate your audience and build their trust by always over-delivering. When the time comes to need what you’re offering, they will be turning to you for help.

 4- Continue Giving Value and Do It Again

I already mentioned above how you should over-deliver and be consistent but here’s the thing, it’s really really really important. The second you slack on offering value, the next person or business will come swinging in and claim your space. Stay consistent. Provide tons and tons of value and then even if you don’t feel like it, do it again!

If you are struggling with content creation, my free guide will help you. Download my “30 Days Of Content Ideas To Kill It On Social Media”.

All the best,