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Remember Zack MorrisAny other Save by the Bell fans?  We’re going to do one of those Zack Morris flashbacks to a few years ago…

I was a single mom on food stamps. I had three jobs, but I couldn’t pay the rent while also juggling the roles of mom, dad, maid, chauffeur, and chef.

I was burnt out, broken down, and unable to make ends meet.

While learning how to market one of my businesses, I discovered Facebook Ads. Some of my fellow entrepreneur friends saw what I was doing, and they asked me to run their ads as well.

I kept learning, signed up for trainings, hired a business coach. Slowly, slowly, I built a business and started to make some money.



But, life gets in the way.

My children’s dad came back into town and decided to sue for custody. Suddenly, I was dragged back down into debt through lawyer fees. I was back at square one, but that didn’t stop me.

I kept showing up. I didn’t quit, and I definitely didn’t let a little failure stop me.

So, why am I telling you all this?

This is my story. This is my why. Not just why I do what I do, but also why my clients choose me. When they speak to me, they hear my story, and they learn the most important thing about me: I put in the work.

You have stories, too. Those stories are an essential part of your business, and it’s important to tell them. Our stories do more than make us who we are, they help us connect on a meaningful level with prospects.

Let’s dig a bit to help you find your story.

Recently, I watched a great TEDx Talk by JP Sears about saying YES to weirdness. It made me realize: you’re probably not weird enough.

So how do you find your story?

Just be weirder.

Leads won’t want to work with you because they like your business name, or your great branding, or your well-written Facebook ads. Those things will bring them to you, but it’s your YOU-ness (that’s a word now) that will convince them to work with you.

That’s why you have to be weird. Own the parts of you that make you uncomfortable. Be brave enough to be different. Be unapologetically YOU.

The big idea behind USPs (unique selling point) is that every business has something that makes them stand out. Yours is easier to find than you think.

Talk to your favorite clients or best customers and ask them why they chose to work with you.

Maybe they liked your attention to detail, or your sense of humor, or the way you accomplish tasks way ahead of time. Take that thing that sets you apart and get weird with it.

Don’t just be attentive to detail, be obsessive about it. Show off that unique sense of humor. Think of stories about yourself that highlight these details and embrace them!

Struggling to find that USP or need a little more help figuring out which stories to tell? Reach out to my team, we can help!

All the best,