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How to go viral even if you can't yodelTell me what these things have in common:

• Laurel vs. Yanni

• Walmart Yodeling Kid


• “Leave Britney Alone”

• “David After Dentist”

If you said, “Meliss, you spent way too much time watching and sharing them,” you’re right. Blunt, but right. (Also, how did you know?!)

Anyway, those are all examples of content that went crazy viral.

That’s what we’re talking about this week.

To get you started, I’ll hang out here for a second while you check out this infographic by Outgrow.

Or, in case you’re too busy, I’ll give you the highlights:

• News, humor, and opinion are the top three topics that go viral.

• Two psychological phenomena, novelty and information gap theory, are useful tools for creating content that has the potential that goes viral.

• The top ten reasons people share content are to: connect with someone over a shared interest, promote a product they believe is useful, be involved in a current trend, be the first to tell a friend about an event, share something about themselves, socialize with friends offline, promote a good cause, demonstrate their own knowledge on a subject, start an online conversation, gain opinions of friends.

• Positive emotions are way more effective for driving viral content.

So, why are we discussing this?

Well, two reasons: a piece of content that goes viral can bring in major business and, if you’re not quite able to go viral, you can still use this knowledge to make content that resonates.

Whenever I create content for my business, I ask myself some questions. Will <<You, the one reading this right now>> like this? Will <<You, the one reading this right now>> find it useful? Will <<You, the one reading this right now>> talk to someone about this piece of content?

And yes, I’m being totally serious! My followers are the best people to keep in mind while I’m creating. Everything I write is intended to be interesting and useful for you.

Need some help figuring out how to create content that connects? Reach out to my team, we can help!

Let me know below what’s your favorite viral content?

All the best,