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Hi, I’m Meliss.

I teach coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs how to market with intention to attract the right clients, create content that converts, and build or scale a business with smart systems that support a life of abundance and true freedom.

Access My Powerful Resources To Ramp Up Your Marketing and Attract an Abundance of Perfectly Aligned Leads


You need clients, but not just any clients–you want to work with your DREAM clients.


5 Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Converting and What to Do About It.


Time Blocking + Goal Setting is the KEY to running your biz…so it doesn’t run you.

Business is about more than making money.

It’s about using your gifts to help people AND making a living* doing it.

And, in my world, a living* is about more than just minimum wage.

It’s about making the amount of money you require to lead the life you want, see the world, donate to causes, take care of your kids, pay it forward in your community, and so on.

Creating a business is about being of service and living an abundant life.

And, there’s an important piece of the puzzle that most people get stuck on– connecting the dots between knowing HOW and WHO you want to serve.

The answer? Intentional Marketing.

“I’m grateful for your teachings & seeing the possibilities in them for me to get to my next level!  You are an organization queen and marketing goddess who truly inspires me!

– E. Hopper

Thank you for your wonderful program.  What a blessing it has been to my business.  You have made a huge impact on my life.  Thank you for everything!

– J. Burgess

“I’ve attracted attention to my coaching program. I recently enrolled a client who did not blink an eye when I told her the investment amount. I’ve increased my prices to more than twice than what i used to charge AND she paid in full AND bought VIP!”

– E. Hopper

Ready To Accelerate Your Business?

It starts with intentional marketing. I help my clients get their marketing strategy aligned with their values … because that is what gets RESULTS.

Inside the podcast, I give my best tips, biggest wins, up-to-the-minute strategies, and high-level action steps you can take in your business right now.

So you can serve who you are meant to serve, sell with ease and make the impact you want to make in this world!


This podcast has literally saved my business thousands of dollars. I was wasting time, money, and energy trying to solve the social media marketing puzzle and then I found Meliss. If you want to cut through the BS and actually get some good advice and learn something, check out this series.”

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We’ve curated playlists to meet you exactly where you’re at in your business journey right now, this minute (because you are precious and so is your time!)

Choose your journey below and get ready to pump up the volume on your biz!

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