Have you said this before? "I am getting NO engagements!"Have you ever felt: frustrated, irritated, fed up, like you are losing your mind, unsure, clueless, don’t know where to begin, or like you were doing everything right but it just isn’t working for you?

If any of these thoughts or feelings creep up occasionally, you are probably an entrepreneur trying to figure out this online stuff!

And let me tell you that I hear ya loud and clear! I completely know what you are going through.

As entrepreneurs, we have ups and downs. At one point we think we are on top of the world and we have everything rolling in smoothly… (why have they not made a superhero emoji yet?!)

You have new clients, great engagement on posts, referrals from past clients, and business is great!

…and at another point, we have lack of business, silence, nobody is calling us asking for our services, and we feel like we totally suck!

This is the cycle of the entrepreneur, but it doesn’t have to be like that!

Here are some pointers to get around this evil cycle and get more engagements on your content:

1- Download free resources that will help you figure out where you are stuck.

Do you know who you are speaking to? Figure out your dream customer before putting yourself out there.

 2- Join groups that surround yourself with either those in your industry to get ideas, or with those that are your ideal client and BE ACTIVE IN THEM!

Make it a point to go into these groups daily and comment on other people’s posts. Offer value to others in these groups. Don’t expect anything in return. Just build relationships and let people see that you are active. Set a timer for 30min-1hour daily and just post in groups until the timer goes off. If you are consistent with this practice, you will be amazed how fast your online popularity will turn a corner.

If you need a great group to start with, join my Magnetic Marketing Mastermind for free here.

3- Plan out your content. 

Decide which day you will set aside each week to make a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Sunday afternoon? Tuesday morning? Wednesday at lunch? Whatever time you can squeeze it in, make it a priority to plan out what you will talk about in your lives, what you will email your subscribers, and what you will post.
Struggling with content ideas? Start here with my “30 Days Of Content Ideas To Kill It On Social Media”

 4- Delegation! 

I’m sure you hear about this one all over the place but this is serious business strategy. Look at any CEO. Do they do everything themselves? Of course not!
Do not think that you need to make a million dollars before you can delegate things out. In fact, you probably won’t make a million dollars UNTIL you start delegating some of your tasks. What’s 1 thing that you wish someone else would do for you in your business? Write your blogs? Take your discovery calls? Follow-up with clients?

Which ever task is giving you headaches, find someone else to do it for you. It will move your business ahead while you focus on money-making tasks in your zone of genius.

My team and I have a whole service menu of tasks you can delegate to us! Blog writing, social media posting, high end funnel mapping and Facebook ad strategy, video editing, script writing, you name it… we can do it!  Just ASK FOR HELP!

5- If you feel like you need some direction

in your business so you have a clear understanding on how to move from point A to point B seamlessly, than maybe the Social Marketing Academy is a great fit for you.
My Social Marketing Academy, is a place where you can easily digest the skills you need to get the most out of your marketing efforts. Every 6 weeks or less a new course is added to the academy so that you can work on the skills you need most at your own pace.

Right now I’m offering an introductory rate that won’t last long so it’s a great time to get in!

Comment below and let me know which one of the strategies above you will implement this week. I want to hear from YOU! Thanks for being reading!

All the best,