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“I’m holding the box right now, I’m beaming, I’m grinning from ear to ear. When you have an idea, you follow through!”

In this episode of Marketing Tips With Meliss, I’m talking about affirmations:

  • I launched my affirmation deck, and it arrived at the perfect time!
  • The long process it took to come to life, but was very worth it.
  • My amazing designer & creative process behind the deck.
  • How to grab a deck for yourself or a friend.
  • And I read an affirmation from the deck as an example!

The Spiritual Entrepreneurs Affirmation Deck is available on my website, and it is such a great deck for positive affirmations for 0life and business. This deck is for you when you are ready to step into your full presence and power in business and life. Help heal the world and use your gifts to their fullest potential while making a difference in other’s lives while becoming successful.

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