“If you’re struggling with finding clients, getting clients to notice you’re around or how to get in front of them instead of chasing them, this episode is for you.”

You have to be in the energy where you know that your package is the most incredible thing around. If you are holding back the feeling you need in order to create the magnet you need to draw in your clients, you won’t pull in abundance.

In this 17-minute episode of Marketing Tips With Meliss, I’m talking about magnetizing your clients to you:

  • Are you in alignment with your ideal clients and the energy of abundance?
  • How your energy can repel or attract clients to you.
  • The strategy of what you do is the what that you do.
  • Be very clear on how you’re building relationships.

Sales doesn’t have to be negative. Sales can just be a conversation to get to the root of the problem.

If you don’t get a friend, a client, you know what you did? You took a chance, you learned a process and now you can perfect it.

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