Ep. 321: Do. Delegate. Ditch. Delay.

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September 2, 2021
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September 9, 2021

Ep. 321: Do. Delegate. Ditch. Delay.


“When I create a new project or program, when I’m in creation mode I do set timelines and deadlines.”

We have all these ideas, so many things going on, and working longer hours than we hoped because we don’t have effective time management.

In this 6-minute episode of Marketing Tips With Meliss, I’m talking about time management:

  • What are items ONLY you can do?
  • Can you delegate tasks to a team member or virtual assistant?
  • What can you ditch?
  • Are there any tasks you can delay?

If you have a launch, you can break that down into tiny pieces to put on a to-do list. This makes it more manageable to sift through this system.

You can accomplish more things on your to-do list by following these tips.

What is one item you can delegate today?

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