“Polarity is having two sides to everything, the good and evil, the love and hate, the negative energy and the positive energy. Everything in this world has balance.”

In this 9-minute episode, I’m talking about two laws, the law of polarity and the law of correspondence:

  • What is the law of polarity? Why is it important to business?
  • There’s two ways to see everything, be sure to sit in the energy to learn how you come into things.
  • What is the law of correspondence? Why is it important to business?
  • What do you do when you struggle with a client or relationship?

This might be super woo-woo, but I really want you to understand that if things aren’t going the way you want in your life, business or relationships change something within yourself and heal it. Really take the time to solve that problem within, so that reality you see outside of yourself can connect to what you truly desire.

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