“Bro Marketing. The way I envision this term coming about is fraternity boys. Fraternity boys showing off their marketing skills.”

In this 12-minute episode I’m explaining the term ‘bro marketing’ and what we can do about it so that we don’t have to participate in it:

  • What is ‘Bro Marketing’?
  • Instead of focusing on the value you provide with your services, it focuses on the flashy side of things-inflating the market.
  • Bro Marketing is just about pushing their success in other people’s faces for an inflated idea of what is possible.
  • What happens when someone doesn’t achieve those same results?
  • I share a few tips on how to better your marketing without the flashy pizzazz of ‘bro marketing’.

You can make sales in a very authentic way. You don’t have to be sleazy, flashy, or pushy! You can be authentic, empathetic, and just being genuine is a way for people to naturally connect with you and want to work with you. The way you treat your clients is the way I want you to treat your prospects before they become your clients-your authenticity will shine through!

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