“Why don’t I show up in the newsfeed? I’m posting, I’m commenting, I’m doing everything I should be!”

In this 9-minute episode I’m explaining why you don’t show up in the newsfeed on social media:

  • You need to give before you can get-this applies to social media too.
  • The right kind of consistency to start getting the algorithm to work for you.
  • Making your audience feel welcome by adding just one thing to your routine.
  • Set up a block of time for your social media nurturing.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend fourteen hours a day online, it doesn’t even mean you need to spend five hours a day online. You can spend thirty minutes a day actively engaging with your audience and the algorithm will reward you.

So tell me, are you showing up in the newsfeed? If not, try these tips and tricks and let me know if they work for you!

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