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“Tap into your creativity. Everything you need is inside of you already. You are the creator in your life and business.”

In this 9-minute episode I’m talking about a lesson my 12-year old son taught me in a conversation where he mimicked me recently:

  • What CRAP really stands for
  • When things are bad, your mindset isn’t really where it needs to be, just remember you can switch it around and make it something meaningful.
  • Meditate and take ‘me time’. Burnout prevents you from reaching success.
  • There is an abundance of everything in this world-you have to believe it first.
  • Positivity!

I know my son was mimicking me, but the fact that he thought of this shows that he truly believes it. If you think everything I teach is CRAP-I have news for you, it is! Creativity, Relaxation, Abundance, Positivity.

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