“How do you actually hire a virtual assistant to add to your team?”

Recently I had to hire someone for my team, and so did one of my 1:1 clients, so I wrote down all of the steps of hiring a virtual assistant to share with you.

In this 13-minute episode I’m talking about how you can hire a virtual assistant to follow through on the delegation I’m always talking about including:

  • The different types of virtual assistants
  • Where to find virtual assistants and what to include in your search
  • When to turn off the comments on your search post
  • Take your time and read through all of the responses, do your research on each qualified candidate to find a virtual assistant in alignment with you
  • Have training videos available

This is the system that works best for me and I encourage you to document the process for hiring too, in case this person doesn’t work out or they leave to move on to something different.

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