How To Always Turn A Profit In Your Business
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“Have you ever had a client that drives you insane? The relationship between you and a client is just as important as a relationship between you and a friend.”

Sometimes we find ourselves with clients with who we’ve either fallen out of alignment or who are just not a great fit anymore for some reason.

In this 19-minute episode I’m sharing tips on how to deal with a not perfect fit client:

  • The method I learned from Billy Gene
  • Making sure your clients are still in alignment with you
  • Don’t let a client disrespect you, you are worth more than being the ‘hired help’, you are the person who they look up to to take them through a transformation!
  • Don’t fear what comes next, end on a positive note

I hope this helps you create the mindset you need to let go of any client who might not be a perfect fit.

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