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“There are things in our life that we don’t like. There are things in our business that we don’t like.”

Today we’re talking about things we just don’t like to do. Often we talk about how wonderful our business is, how awesome our life is, and we always post on social media about how great things are. In case you forgot, we are human and not everyone feels like things are roses all the time.

In this x-minute episode I’m talking about what I don’t like, and why that’s totally normal including:

  • Winter, how to seek the positive things in things that are out of your control
  • One of the top things my clients say they don’t like doing: Writing Content!
  • If you have the financial resources, outsource!
  • Lift up your vibration and make it a positive one

When you have a high, positive vibration everyone you’re touching and having an impact on will make it ripple. The same thing with a negative vibration, so choose which way to put your vibrations out into the world.

Tell me one thing you don’t like & how you are moving past it to continue to grow and prosper in the comments!

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