Ep, 268: Marketing Your Biz On Clubhouse

Ep. 267: What The Tech?
March 2, 2021
Ep. 269: Is It Hard To Start A Podcast?
March 9, 2021

Ep, 268: Marketing Your Biz On Clubhouse


“How can you use Clubhouse to market your business?”

Clubhouse is a new app (in beta for iPhone/iPad users) that you may have heard about. What’s so important about it?

In this 20-minute episode I’m talking all about Clubhouse (and why I’m adding it to my marketing strategy!):

-What is Clubhouse & how do you get in?
-Choose your handle wisely, you can only change this once
-How does each ‘room’ work? How do you start your own ‘room’?
-How to connect with prospects who feel aligned with your message

If you’re on Clubhouse, drop your handle in the comments and let’s connect on there!

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