Ep. 236: Different Types Of Podcasts

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October 29, 2020
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November 5, 2020

Ep. 236: Different Types Of Podcasts


“There are many different types of podcasts and different ones might work better for your business, or for your schedule in your life.”

Podcasting is a form of content just like blogs, going live on Facebook, Youtube videos, and things of that nature.

In this 10-minute episode I talk about the various types of podcasts and what makes each one a great way to get visible:

  • Solo podcasts-these are great if you’ve got a busy schedule
  • Interview style podcasts + the many moving pieces involved
  • Seasonal podcasts and why I recommend these to my clients
  • Pop-up podcasts which are limited release with a great call to action
  • Videocasts

I also talk about ways to reach your audience using each one of these styles.

Are you a podcaster? Is this something you want to focus on? I’m challenging you to focus on something for your brand awareness and visibility so you can reach more of your target audience! Leave a comment on how you are utilizing podcasts in your marketing.

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