“When it comes to procrastination this is the idea that we can put it off or do it tomorrow.”

Maybe this sounds like you, and it might be time to change those habits because to run an efficient business that has room for growth and scaling. It really does need to be run strategically and time does matter.


In this 14-minute episode I talk about how to break out of procrastination to be in motivation:

  • Motivation + procrastination are opposites
  • Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated
  • Don’t set yourself up for sabotage-take it one step at a time
  • You have to do the work first for the motivation to come
  • Procrastination can also happen if there is no structure and things seem daunting
  • Ways to get more motivation

I share a few of my procrastination busting tips that work great in my business. Tell me if you’re in motivation or stuck in procrastination.


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