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“When you are creating marketing strategy just remember these 8 P’s and if it fits you are well ahead of the game.”

Are you considering revamping your marketing strategy? Maybe you’re planning the rest of 2020 out, or getting a head start on 2021, either way you’ll want to see if you are following the 8 P’s of marketing.

In this 10-minute episode I’m breaking down each of the 8 P’s of marketing to help you create a strategy that works. I talk about:

  • Products & Placement
  • Social Proof
  • Providing access to the desired result
  • Physical evidence-how this is different from social proof and why it’s crucial to success
  • Defining your why

What sets you apart so you can scale your business? Are you already following the 8 P’s of marketing?

Leave a comment if these 8 P’s of marketing help you implement a successful marketing plan.

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