“Urgency in your marketing is one of the most important things you can utilize to get people to take action.”


It’s a marketing necessity!


When it comes to urgency and how it relates to marketing, the connection is that you want people to take action.


In this xx-minute episode of Marketing Tips With Meliss podcast, I explain what urgency in marketing is and how to use it in your marketing:


  • Knowing who your target market is so you can attract them
  • Examples of how to word your copy to reach your audience emotionally
  • Scarcity or Urgency-which is better?
  • Tools of the trade: Clickfunnels and DeadlineFunnels
  • Guide your audience to making a decision-this shows who really wants to work with you


The whole point in creating urgency in your business is you position yourself as the expert and follow through.


Let me know if these tips on creating urgency in your marketing work for you.


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