How To Always Turn A Profit In Your Business
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“There is no human being on this earth who is perfect. All of us have flaws.”

How many of you feel that you are a perfectionist?

When it comes to perfectionism, being perfect as we know it doesn’t exist.

Yet you can still be struggling with being a perfectionist. I should know, because I am a recovering perfectionist!

If you’re wondering if perfectionism is good or bad for business, join me for today’s episode of Marketing Tips With Meliss podcast.

In this 12-minute episode I’m going to talk about:

  • Strengths & weaknesses
  • Being human and being careless-what’s the difference?
  • Don’t let perfect become the enemy of progress
  • How to make progress to close sales
  • Why it’s important to keep going despite being imperfect


I even share one of my imperfections in my business.

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