Ep. 211: How To Nurture Your Email List

Ep. 210: Shut Out The Noise
August 4, 2020
Ep. 212: Mapping Out Your Wins
August 11, 2020

Ep. 211: How To Nurture Your Email List


Emails are a great way to communicate with your audience, build your audience, and get people to see the type of person that you are.

Should I have an email list?

Yes, It’s the best way for getting people to know your business!

Isn’t social media the best way to communicate?

Posting on social media along with a strong email marketing is the way to success!

In this episode, I talk about nurturing your email list for your business:
● How emails can help you bring value to your business
● How to build a relationship with your client
● What to automate to save time

Key Points:
– Find a frequency and be consistent
– Give give give, then ask!
– Personalize your emails with your own voice, your language
– Add a call to action
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Tune into this 14-minute episode + I talk about email listing for your business + Tips on content for your email strategy!

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