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Do you feel pressure to be perfect? It’s ok not to be perfect in your business.

In this episode, host Meliss Jakubovic talks about how perfection is the enemy of progress.

-As a recovering perfectionist, Meliss understands how hard it can be to just let progress happen even if it didn’t come from perfection.
-When you focus on perfection, you stop yourself from growth.
-Meliss shares a story about an imperfection in her lead magnet that is one of her most downloaded lead magnets!

Tune into this 9-minute episode where you will learn how it’s ok to not be perfect in your business 100% of the time.

Key points:

-If something has value but isn’t perfect, don’t let that stop you from making progress.
-Everyone has moments of imperfection, it’s normal.
-You deny your clients of unique value when you hold back because you’re stuck in this perfection circle.

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