How can you stand out from the crowd when there are millions of people that do exactly what you do?

Let’s think back to Middle School. Were there ever “cool” classmates who would make snarky comments about you because you were different? What did they say?

Remember their comments while listening to this episode.

I’m sure you know, there are millions of people who do the same job as you. But what makes you different is how you stand out. What makes you unique are all those things that other people don’t have

Get off beat a little bit and do something different!

In this episode, I talk about how I stand out and identify how you too can use your differences to your advantage:

•Learn more about selecting your niches and identifying your differences

•Find a common connection between you and your customers. Those connections can help you to build relationships and potential clients

•Reflect on what makes you different and what makes you stand out from a crowd

Tune into this 8-minute episode + I’ll share my tips on how to make your business stand out from the pack…

Key Points

•Assess why would someone want to work with you over the next person.

•Don’t use over saturation as an excuse. The market isn’t saturated, there is an abundance of clients and business to go around.

•You can manifest anything you want in the world, but it will only happen if you stand out.

•Use those snarky comments from middle school to your advantage. Use it in your content, post it on your social media, and let the world see what makes you, you.

•That thing that’s different is your golden ticket to success. Use it to your advantage

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