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Who do you best serve within your business? …

It’s important to know your ideal target market.

What is your ideal target market?

You can find your ideal target market by knowing your niche and how you best serve people within your business.

We want to say yes to everyone that comes through your door.….

But sometimes its okay to say no and feel confident in who you serve best.

In this episode, I talk about how to serve multiple target markets best….

• Learn tips to knowing your ideal target market
• I share examples on how to best serve your ideal target market
• Learn about my Acceleration Club

Tune into this 8-minute episode + I talk how to serve multiple target markets best + Learn tips to figure out your ideal target market

Key Points:

• Your target market should be who you serve best!
• Should you serve more then one target market? The answer is, no!
• Tips to best serve your target market!
• Learn about my Acceleration Club and how you can join.
• Give yourself grace to figure out who your ideal target market is!

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