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Have you ever encountered live tech issues? …

The quality of your groups is dependent on how easily and seamlessly the group runs through technology.

What are tech issues you have had before? How did you handle them?

You have to do the best you can and know what is out of your control.

When you encounter tech issues, do you panic? Freak out? Do you immediately go to a negative mindset?

Let go of the negativity and do the best you can with what you got!

In this episode, I talk about how to handle live tech issues….

• What are some live tech issues you might run into?
• Tips to handle these live tech issues.
• How to stay positive through tech issues that are out of your control.

Tune into this 14-minute episode + I talk about live tech issues + I share tips on how to handle these tech issues and how to stay positive during them!

Key Points:

• Sometimes with a live challenge you will have technical difficulties out of your control!
• I share about the tech issues I had during my live challenge.
• Learn tips to handle these tech issues!
• We depend on how smooth technology runs for a successful live challenge, so be honest with your group and let them know what’s going on.