Fountain of Leads! Free 5-Day Challenge Group

Get more leads. Make more sales. | July 8-12, 2024 | 1-2PM Eastern








Tune in to hear about the breakdown of my free challenge! …

It was easier to have a successful challenge with a smaller group of warm leads.

What are the benefits of a free challenge?

You can build a lot of relationships with your free challenge groups.

Some people will only invest in time to build a relationship with you.

But that’s okay! It just means that this relationship will grow over time and turn into something more!

In this episode, I tell the breakdown of my free challenge….

• I share stats from my recent free challenge
• Tips to running a live challenge.
• Benefits of running a live challenge.

Tune into this 13-minute episode + I tell the breakdown down of my free challenge +I share my stats and tips for running a successful free challenge!

Key Points:

• There are a lot of benefits when you have a free challenge group.
• You can gain a lot of new clients or build relationships that will evolve into something more.
• I share my stats from my recent free challenge!
• Check out the next series of my podcast about tech issues and how things may not go as planned!