How do you set up a live challenge? …

Creating a free challenge group is a great way to get people in the door and to learn what you do.

Do you want to close some sales?

You can build a lot of relationships with your free challenge groups.

Sometimes you may not close sales during your free challenge groups.

But the good news is- you help people understand what you do and they will keep you in mind for the future.

In this episode, I speak about setting up a live challenge….

• What is a live challenge?
• Tips to running a live challenge.
• Benefits of running a live challenge.

Tune into this 10-minute episode + I speak about how to set up a live challenge +I share tips to running a successful free live challenge!

Key Points:

• There are a lot of benefits when you have a free challenge group.
• You can gain a lot of new clients!
• Is a free challenge group the right next step for your business?
• I share tips to running a successful free live challenge group!
• Check out the next series of my podcast on how my recent challenge group went!