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If you build it will they come? …

Just because you start your business and you open the doors doesn’t mean you’re going to get clients right away.

There’s one area in business where the myth of you’ll always have clients fails right?

Just because you’ve built a Marketing Funnel doesn’t mean you will have people begging to work with you.

Are you not getting clients?

The good news is- you can build a strong business and get clients with a good Marketing Funnel.

In this episode, I speak about how if you build it will they come? ….

• You have to understand your target market
• You need to be in alignment with your offers
• You need to build that Marketing Funnel to get people in the door

Tune into this 15 minute episode + I speak about the myth of “If you build it will they come?” + and share ways you can build a good Marketing Funnel to get clients

Key Points:

• You have to understand your target audience to have a successful Marketing Funnel.
• A Marketing Funnel will help clients see what you have to offer, they can view your business and you get brand awareness and visibility.
• You must figure out exactly what you want to offer.
• Know what kind of problems you want to solve for clients.
• Remember to always ask “how can I keep clients?” after they get into the door!
• Stay consistent!