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What is your fear of niching down?…

When you have a niche, you focus on a certain target audience for your business.

What is your niche?

To be successful in your business, you need to niche down.

If you don’t have the right niche you won’t be able to help your ideal clients.

The good news is- you can narrow down your niche and start changing the lives of so many clients!

In this episode, I speak about the fear of niching down…..

• When you take on too many niches, you begin to become overwhelmed
• It costs you so much unnecessary energy to work with more than one niche
• Your approach to marketing your one niche is important in getting the right clients

Tune into this 20-minute episode + I go over the fear of niching down + ways you can figure out your niche and use it within your business to be successful

Key Points:

• In order to have a good flow within your business, you need to know your niche.
• You can become very overwhelmed in your business by taking on too many niches.
• If you crack down to a niche, you can make a systematic process and become more productive.
• Create a sense of foundation to attract customers who need your niche.
• It’s not a negative that you are turning away people with just one niche, it opens the floodgates to help clients to keep coming back that need your services.

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