Did you watch the Super Bowl?…

You can learn a lot about marketing during big events like the Super Bowl.

What commercials did you like?

Commercials are ways that people pull you in to their products with their marketing.

Are you having trouble filling your group programs?

The good news is- you can use marketing like commercials in the Super Bowl did to fill your programs!

In this episode, I speak about ads in the Super Bowl that did marketing the right way and….

• I share the commercials I liked during the Super Bowl and how they used their marketing to pull me in
• How you can use the same type of marketing to fill your group programs
• You can market by telling your story and impacting others

Tune into this 10-minute episode + I share what commercials I liked in the Super Bowl and how they used marketing + ways you can use marketing to fill your group programs

Key Points:

• Commercials use marketing to pull you into their products.
• Marketing can be used to express a story and address things going on in the world.
• When you market, you need to bring emotion to connect with your target market.
• You should market your group program to your ideal target market by sharing ways you can help your clients find solutions to the problems they are struggling with.
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