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Why aren’t you launching a group program yet?…

Your brain protects you from doing anything out of your comfort zone.

What could be holding you back?

Sometimes launching your group program can make you anxious and scared it won’t be good enough.

Are you not launching because you want to build strong relationships with your clients?

The good news is- you can build strong, long lasting relationships even in your group programs!

In this episode, I speak about breaking the myth about relationships in group programs….

• Sometimes your pride and ego can have an effect on you feeling anxious about your group program
• Even in your group programs you can make just as strong relationships with clients
• Staying consistent and being active in the community you build will help with your relationships

Tune into this 12-minute episode + I discuss breaking the myth about relationships in group programs + Examples of ways you can do this

Key Points:

• Group programs are designed to help you reach more then one person at a time.
• There are so many ways to create group programs that will benefit your clients and YOU!
• Having a group program helps bring many perspectives.
• Building a community and staying active in it can bring you encouragement and accountability.
• You can feel a powerful high vibrational energy within your group programs that raises everyone’s energy up!
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