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What is a checklist to launch a group program? …

When you are launching anything, the first thing you need to know is your ideal market.

Do you know your ideal target?

When you know what type of program you want to launch and who your target market is, then you can optimize.

Knowing how you want to launch your program is key to a successful launch.

The good news is- you can launch your group program in ways that will help your business.

In this episode I talk about a checklist you need to launch your group programs….

• You need to know your target audience and specific niche to successfully launch your group program
• You can share your story with others for a unique position for your launching
• Knowing the content you want to teach is key to your launch

Tune into this 20-minute episode + What is a checklist for your group program launch + Examples of things you can put on your checklist

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Key Points:

• The first thing you need to know when launching “anything”, is your target market and who you want to influence.
• Knowing how you want to help people or teach people is key to a successful launch.
• Asking others what they want to see in a group program can help you get a better idea of content.
• Having the right pricing for your group program is important.
• I share examples of things that should be on your checklist!