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What stage are you in for your business? …

You have to know what stage of business you’re in to be successful in your Marketing.

What are stages for your business?

There are many stages of your business that you can accomplish.

It takes baby steps and time to get through stages in your business.

But the good news is – by knowing what stage you are in and what stages of your business there are, you can accomplish your goals and be successful.

In this episode I go over, what stages of business there are….

• The first stage of your business is very important, this is where you will introduce yourself and build relationships with your clients
• Reaching out to people is key to accomplishing stages within your business and marketing yourself
• Another stage in your business is group programs, this will come after you build the relationships and want to make money.

Tune into this 10-minute episode + what stages in your business are + examples on how to reach these stages

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Key Points:
• Organic marketing is when you reach out to your clients and build a personal relationship with them. This is an important stage in your business.
• Group programs help you reach more people without running out of hours in your day.
• Automated programs help you market your business without having to use hours out of your day.
• There are three important stages that you need to reach in your business.
• Knowing you feel overwhelmed and running thin will be a good indicator that you need group programs.