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Do you sometimes feel frantic or like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything you need done to move your business forward?

Do you ever wonder…

“When will this enormous work load ease up?”

“I started my business to make my own hours and spend time with my family but I’m finding that most of my time is spent online building my business.”

“When will I get enough sleep to take care of myself and my at-home responsibilities?”

Here’s the thing… being an entrepreneur is hard! Sometimes we simply have too much on our plates and it can be a challenge to find enough hours in the day to do everything- especially if we have other responsibilities outside of our business (Which I’m sure you do!)

Here are some of my tips for getting rid of that stress and overwhelm and being able to take a nice deep breath so you can do something for yourself without letting the business unravel.

1.Plan out your day, Plan out your week

Sunday nights are spent with To Do list in hand, writing down everything I can think of that needs to get done that week. I brain-dump all my tasks (both personal and business) and make sure that every passing thought finds its home in my spiral notebook. Then, I organize the list by category or priority. When you spend time mapping out which tasks you will do on which days, you are setting yourself up for success.

2. Scheduling in ME time

 Did “ME” time used to be spontaneous? Well, if you don’t actually schedule yourself some time on your calendar, your work-life will get the best of you and before you know it, you haven’t worked out in months, you are eating ice cream late at night while working on a client’s project, you lack sleep, and you find yourself irritated with the people around you, and you don’t remember who your kids are. Don’t do this to yourself! Schedule in when you will go for a walk, hang out with friends, take a yoga class, etc…

Don’t feel like you are no fun cause you have to schedule your me time. You will become more productive and find that you are happier when you take care of yourself.

3. Prioritize your tasks and make reasonable expectations

When we over plan, we never seem to finish everything. This leaves us feeling discouraged and drains our energy. Then we either spend time freaking out that there is not enough time in the day and struggle to finish everything in frantic mayhem or we throw our hands up and feel like failures. Either way, we don’t come to business from a positive perspective; we instead feel like we are always playing catch-up. You want to feel like you are ahead of the game, not one step behind.

4. Be intentional with your time

Make sure that when you do schedule out your day, you are sticking to it! Set a timer for how long you will work on a specific project and shut everything else off. No Facebook, No phone, No distractions. Remove yourself from cyber-space and focus intentionally on the task at hand.

When you remove distractions and remain disciplined, you will see that you are more productive, more efficient, and ready to move gracefully to the next task on the list. Watch how much calmer you will be when things can actually be crossed off the To Do list.

Need help creating a time management strategy? Just reach out to my team and we can help!

Comment below and let me know which one of the strategies above you will implement this week.

All the best,