Authority in your niche = successful online businessLast week in my free mastermind group I spoke about becoming an authority in your industry and why that is so paramount in running a successful online business.

We went over so many ways you can build authority so that prospects know you are what you say you are and that they can come to you for help.

1. Everything you create and everything you communicate need to be driven by passion!

Everything you do needs to come from a place where you get excited! Think about the big picture of why you are doing or saying something. Does it excite you? Do you convey excitement with your audience? If not, work on it. You should love what you are doing and not get bored talking about it!

2. Specialize in a niche area

Decide what makes you special. Do you love to work with a certain type of dogs, moms who just had a baby, or business owners who manage teams of 10+ ?

What specific area can you specialize in? You will communicate better with your ideal market and you will fine-tune your skills particular to that part of the industry. People who need what you specialize in will see you as the authority.

3. Provide value everywhere you go

When you are reading blogs of those in your industry, comment below them with some insight. Join LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Meet-ups, and comment below people’s posts offering advice or information that will be helpful. Make it a point to add yourself to the conversation. Let people know what you do and show them how you can help them.

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