The other day I was running ads for a client and we created 1 ad that was conversational text and another ad that was the exact same language but in video format. The video ad outdid the text ad by 60%

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are still not using video in their marketing and it shows….

Users are more likely to engage with your video content over any other content out there. That alone should nudge you to create video content for your users.

Now, you may be thinking…

“I don’t know what to say.”

“I don’t like the way I look/sound on video.”

“What if nobody shows up for my lives?”

“I feel so awkward on camera.”


But here’s the thing…

Your competitors are using video and you need to be doing what your competitors are doing.

Your peeps are asking for more video content and you need to be providing your users with what they need.

Facebook actually rewards those that use video on their platform. This means that if you don’t use video, your content is not going to show up as often in the news feed as it could.

Here are a few ideas of how you can effectively use video content:

1- Say thanks!

A great way to start out on video is to thank your customers. You can make the customer feel special, let them know that you listen to their suggestions, and serve as a small pitch for your services. A great smile can go a long way on this one too. The great news is that if you are uncomfortable going live, you can pre-record this one and use it in as a Facebook ad to target your market, embed it in an email, or post it on your wall.

2- Share customer stories

Stories make people feel something: happy, sad, angry, excited, frustrated… and when you can get your prospects to use their emotions, they immediately connect better with your brand. Sharing a story that happened to a customer, like a before/after, are a great way to connect to your ideal client, educate your audience of the transformation and success they can achieve from your product/service, and offer social proof.

3- Pull back the curtain

A great way to use video is to take your customers behind the scenes. This really helps your audience understand your unique personality and brand message. It’s also a fun way to get your audience to engage. Instagram and Facebook stories are a great example of this.

If the only hesitation you have with video is fear, let me remind you that thinking will not overcome fear, but action will. We get better when we try things so don’t judge yourself and just do it! After you’ve got that 1st video under your belt, you’ll be on your way to many more video successes and you will see a boost in your engagement.

If you are frustrated or hesitating with your video content, my team and I can help!

All the best,