How I went from stressed out, burnt out, and buried in debt to helping hundreds of healers, coaches and entrepreneurs build a life of abundance and a business that sets them FREE.

Not so long ago (like just a couple of years) I was struggling to keep up. 😮

💪 For most of my boys’ lives I’ve been the one responsible for everything from rent, food, education, activities…EVERYTHING. And it hasn’t always been easy making ends meet.

I was a single mom working around the clock and had no money to spend on anything extra for me. 💸 Every penny was carefully calculated and many times the ends didn’t meet.

I’d have to borrow money from friends or family and I felt like I was never able to catch up. 😩
It never felt like I could get a break.

I was stressed out, burnt out, and couldn’t make ends meet. I was slipping further into a giant hole of debt every single day. I felt like a failure as a business owner and as a mother.


🏆 BUT I deeply believed I could build something that would give me the income AND the freedom I needed to create the kind of life I wanted.

A life where…


I knew that my business was meant for greatness so instead of giving up, I doubled down.​

I worked my ass off taking courses, hiring business coaches, and joining VIP Masterminds to learn everything I could from the best…

Until I was able to combine everything I learned into a profitable system that gave me a consistent flow of daily leads that were perfectly aligned.

I discovered how to:

One day I looked around and realized that not only was I out of that hole, I was building a freakin’ empire where the hole used to be.

I’m making more money than I ever dreamed of and helping other women do the same.

Am I that much different from you?


There’s only one difference between me and you.

See, I’ve figured out some things you haven’t (yet).

But that can change.


Every woman deserves two things:
Abundance and Freedom.

An abundance of health, wealth, and joy so that she can be free to do yoga, dance barefoot on the beach, go for an afternoon jog, take a nap, and eat breakfast with her family in the morning instead of checking emails.

I also believe that there is no limit to the abundance and freedom that a woman can manifest…

if she just has someone to teach her HOW.
And that’s exactly what I do.

My clients have doubled their income, filled their programs, and scaled their businesses in 90 days or less.

Going from “scraping by” to 5-figure months IS POSSIBLE even when it seems unattainable. It all starts with a belief.

THIS is how we’re going to change the world, ladies.

By BELIEVING and INVESTING in yourself and your business to manifest the FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE you deserve!

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A Little About Me

I’m an Israeli Folk Dancer and I’ve been dancing since I was 7 years old.

I’ve authored 4 books: 2 on personal development and 2 on marketing and 1 affirmation deck.

I can’t get enough of herbal tea and kombucha.

I’m an Online Marketing Strategist and Business Growth Expert. My company grew more in the last 18 months than it did in the previous 4 years.

I donate my hair every 3 years. I’ve donated 7 times.

I’m an INFJ and an empath. I feel what you feel. <3

I believe being happy is the most important thing. If I’m not happy, I take time to re-evaluate why and shift accordingly.

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“Once you have the systems in place and your mindset in check, the possibilities are endless.”

– Meliss Jakubovic