First things first I'm a hustler, a hard worker, and I love to help people achieve their goals.

I've been an entrepreneur since the third grade when I sold friendship bracelets to friends on the playground. I love to create things and I love focusing my energy on projects.

Problem-solving and resourcefulness are some of my best attributes.

When something isn't working I never quit, I never give up, I redirect my energy and try again a different way.

My love of social media began with my health and life coaching company which I built from the ground up and used Facebook marketing to fill all of my private one on one coaching slots.

As a single mom of two boys, it is incredibly important for me to use my time efficiently and effectively so naturally I learned how to scale my business and have it run on auto pilot so I could spend more time with my family.

Eventually my friends, who were also business owners, saw my success and reached out to me to help them create the life they deserved to live by using the power of Facebook marketing.

That's when I realized that I can help so many more people achieve a successful online business. Eventually through referrals I was helping yoga studios fill their classes, chiropractors and massage therapists book their appointments, coaches and consultants create and offer online products and courses, and brick-and-mortar businesses sell their featured products.

I managed their social media, content creation, landing pages, graphics, sales funnels, lead generation, and marketing. From there everything grew and I was able to scale my business far beyond what I ever imagined.

I attribute my success to being an entrepreneur myself and my love of learning new systems and strategies. The learning never stops nor does the creative process. When I'm having a bad day or I'm frustrated with my current situation, I make a mental shift and turn it all around quickly. Being happy is the most important thing in my life and I will change whatever I need to to make sure that that goal is always achieved.


1. My legal name is Meliss and I always have to introduce myself as "Hi, I'm Meliss. That's Melissa without the A".

2. I'm a professional folk dancer and instructor.

3. Although I am the most extroverted among my friends, deep down I'm introverted and love my alone time.

4. I always have at least one art project that I'm working on.

5. I love to read self help books and fiction novels.

6. I only associate with nice people.

7. When someone else is sad or upset, I feel their pain and usually cry. I also get choked up when someone sings in front of me or when my kids perform on stage.

8. I love to cook and eat organic meals.

9. I donate my hair every 3 years and I've done it 6 times so far.

10. I am the author of 2 personal development books and 1 marketing best seller.

11. My children are truly my everything. I feel grateful to be their mother and when I'm not with them I feel a huge void.

12. I teach yoga during the week and DJ on the weekends.