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“To schedule or not to schedule, that is the question”

It can be tough knowing the ins and outs of social media, especially if you’re not doing it full-time. As a Facebook expert I try to keep you apprised as to what’s changing in the industry and break it down in a way that makes sense for you and your business.

One of the most common questions I get (more so from small business owners) is “How do I manage my social media when I don’t have time to be at a computer all day?” and if that’s not it, it’s usually something like “Should I be using a social media scheduler, is that even a thing?”

Recently, there has been some discussion centered around posting on social media natively and avoiding schedulers but if you’re doing social right you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The answer is an astounding YES! You definitely should be scheduling your social media in advance and here’s why:

The number one reason to use a scheduler for social media posting is to SAVE TIME. Social media schedulers allow you to upload your posts, pictures and videos and schedule them to publish at a later date. You can load up your social media for the week or month and not have to worry about being at a computer at a specific time every day. It’s essentially freedom!

When you’re scheduling in advance you’ll have LESS DISTRACTIONS. It’s real easy to get caught up in the newsfeed when you’re logging on to post for business; this way, eliminates that problem and you’ll be less distracted and spend less time tied to a computer screen.

You’ll be CONSISTENT. When you schedule your social in advance you won’t have to worry about forgetting or skipping a day. With a social media scheduler you’ve done the work ahead of time and it goes on even when you have other things that come up.

A hidden benefit that many don’t realize or discuss is the PERCEPTION OF AVAILABILITY. When others see you have a consistent presence online, they unknowingly develop a perception that you are always available. They see you there, see you being active and come to know and trust that you’re responsive and available; even if you’ve never interacted.

Second to saving time, STRATEGIC POSTING is a huge benefit you gain from social media schedulers. You can be more deliberate about what you’re posting and when, who you’re targeting and the message you are sending. Many business owners are posting on the fly and then wondering why they aren’t getting the results they’ve hoped for. Every business owner should have a social media strategy, schedulers allow you to execute on that.

Remember, it’s important that you stay current and relevant on social; I suggest you schedule no more than 30 days in advance. The best social media plans include a well-researched and thought out strategy, an appropriate budget and a clear plan for executing.

“Winging it won’t grow your business”

Keep your dream customer in mind when posting your content.  If you need help finding your dream customer, you can download my Finding Your Dream Customer Guide for FREE Here.

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