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I understand how challenging learning a new social media platform can be; especially for business owners who have plenty of other things they could be doing to grow their business.

I don’t want you to waste any more time than necessary trying to figure out what’s important or what’s not.

Here is my best advice and the 5 things every business should be doing on Facebook but probably aren’t.

Add on your shop or services tab. Facebook has added a wonderful feature that allows you to showcase your products and services directly on your page. Not only should you make sure to add the Tabs but take the time to upload quality photos and include thought-out and attractive descriptions of your products or services. Your customers will love perusing your online shop and appreciate how easy it is to get the information they need right at their fingertips.

Connect all social media accounts. Facebook allows you to add on tabs that connect your Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and more. Not only does this give your customer the opportunity to know you and connect with you, it will also improve your search and visibility while making your page more attractive.

Use video often.  Facebook has exploded with video; if you scroll through your newsfeed you’ll see it. Statistics show that 76% of consumers have turned to Facebook for video. It’s quickly becoming the preferred source for content. It’s easy, engaging and fun for the viewer. Use video and you’ll see the positive impact in can have on your reach and exposure.

Participate in Facebook groups. Groups are where are the action is happening. You can engage one on one with likeminded people and find many potential customers. Because of Facebook’s algorithm even those that follow your page won’t always see what you post, but with groups you’ll see that you can easily get in front of an audience.

Share every single day. It’s important to maintain an active online presence. Sitting idle lowers your reach overall and you have to work harder and getting information out to your followers when you are wanting to. People that are considering buying from you will check out your page and if there’s nothing recent they’ll be skeptical. Limit posting on Facebook to once or a maximum of two times per day or you’ll find people unfollowing you; unless you have really great content and a lot of engagement on your posts. Whenever you’re struggling with what to post, consider sharing related content from others in your industry. Strive to be a resource of good information for your audience.  

I commend you for taking the leap and putting your business on Facebook but if you’re going to do it, let’s do it right!

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