Facebook Ads and marketing is only one part of a successful social strategy. I’m a huge advocate for using Facebook groups for business growth and they are an excellent way to interact with others on a personal level and build relationships with your potential customers.

Engaging in Facebook community groups are a great way to get noticed, establish a reputation and lead others to your site and business. Facebook groups get 80% more engagement and visibility than your standard Facebook post to a page.

However there’s more that goes into it, than joining a bunch of groups. Read on to discover a few simple strategies for engaging your Facebook community and how you can make Facebook groups work for you.

First you’re going to want to join the right type of groups; this is usually where people make the biggest mistake. Don’t just join groups related to your industry, join groups where your customers are actually hanging out.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to know who your customer is. Once you’ve determined who will buy from you, it will change how you advertise, your message and your brand.  If you haven’t figured this out yet, I can help! Snag my free guide to Finding Your Dream Customer here.

When joining groups, less is more. I say this because there isn’t a point to joining a bunch of groups unless you’re going to commit the time and effort it takes to do the work and build those relationships and connections.

Don’t assume the biggest group is the best group. Things happen fast online and it’s easier to get lost in the newsfeed of large community groups. Instead, I’d go for the midsize group, it offers the most potential and enough volume to make it worth your while.

Once you’ve joined groups, always read the group rules before posting. Be strategic in your posting and don’t get a reputation for being spammy or violating group rules. It’ll put a black cloud over you that will be difficult to overcome.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are a few simple strategies to get you started in those online communities:

  1. Introduce yourself: Take the time to thank the admins (okay to tag them by name) for adding you and share a bit about what you do and who you are. Don’t just talk about business but give them some insight as to who you are as a person. Always be authentic, and kind. Make it a point to interact with anyone that takes their time to welcome you. These people are likely to be the ones to engage with you later on. Treat them well.
  2. Be so helpful within the group that you cannot be ignored: Engagement isn’t all about you posting and hoping someone responds. Instead, be of value in the group. If you see someone asking a question, try to answer it. Share your knowledge and resources freely. When you help someone you have an immediate impact and a lasting impression.
  3. Take into account the mission of the group and post something of value daily: You want to have a regular and consistent presence within your community. Plan on a daily post but make it something useful and valuable. Share a tip, inspiration or resource. Find creative ways to tie it back to your business. Limit business posts to once per week, social media is about being social and every online community reacts negatively when you’re showcasing your business constantly.
  4. Be available and present: Post and run DOES NOT work. The idea is engagement and to do that you have to be responding and interacting. Set aside time to be present and respond to others. Offer encouragement, respect and help others as often as you can.
  5. Take advantage of promotional days: Many groups have days it’s acceptable to promote your business. I recommend an attractive graphic that easily states who you are, what you do and how people can reach you. It also comes in handy when someone does ask about your service online. Think of it as a visual business card. Make it professional and visually appealing.

There are several online community resources that make connecting with people easy. Facebook, MeetUp.com and Next door are a few of my favorites; especially for local business owners.

To truly succeed in business you have to be prepared to invest your time, attention and money. Make sure those efforts are netting you a great return and you won’t mind at all.

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All the best,