“The Time for Introverts has arrived”

What do you think of when you hear introvert? Does it resonate with you or is it the complete opposite of who you are? There is much you can learn about the personality of introverts. There are also plenty of misconceptions that exist; so please, do your homework before making assumptions.

Throughout time introverts have struggled with being in the limelight. They’re the ones that are making things happen, quietly and behind the scenes. They’re the ones with a listening ear; since they only talk when they have something important to contribute, they hear what everyone else is saying and not much gets by them.

Most people assume that introverts would choose to be extroverts if they could but that’s a myth. Most introverts are perfectly fine with who they are. They dedicate time to themselves more often and they are the ones who are creative, great at reading customers and great at business.

Being an introvert is an alternative way of communicating and socializing. It’s not a limitation, it’s a personal choice. Social media has made it so that introverts can truly blossom. They now have the ability to make friends and connections without feeling drained or overwhelmed.

Introverts are reading and sharing information, providing value to others and are usually the ones that have mastered networking in the online space. They now can be successful in a whole new way and social media complements their efforts.

As an introvert, social media can help you succeed in a way that suits your lifestyle. You have the ability to be social and active on your own terms, send a solid and strong message to the world about who you are and most importantly connect with other like-minded folks who will inspire and help you move forward to reach your goals.

Social media offers you a new way of building relationships without the drain that often comes from meet ups and networking events. You can spend more time talking and connecting behind the shield of your computer screen.

The addition of social media has changed how Introverts do business, it’s a portal into a huge network of people that you wouldn’t normally take the time to interact with; social media will allow you to refuel as often as you need to and is making introverts even more successful all over the world.

To the introverted business owner, it’s time to celebrate! You have a new way to standout and sell yourself and your business. Congratulations.

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