"I am absolutely please by the work you have done with me and my marketing strategy. I found your website to be clear, understandable and so appealing. Your service was exceptional and the marketing report you presented was on point. You highlighted what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong and provided solutions to turn my wrongs into result oriented steps. I really appreciate your advise and I will be making steps to make changes right away! I would definitely recommend your service to other entrepreneurs just getting started and not sure how to use their tools to have marketing results and paying clients.”

-Zanny D., Owner Zanur Tours
December 17, 2020

Ep. 249: Clearing Out My Stuff

Meliss Marketing · Ep. 249: Clearing Out My Stuff   “A couple of weeks ago I cleared out my storage unit. I was able to have an enormous yard sale to clear out my stuff.” Having a yard sale is kind of like attracting your target market. In this 7-minute […]
December 15, 2020

Ep. 248: The Cycle Of Easy

Meliss Marketing · Ep. 248: The Cycle Of Easy “You know I’ve got a lot on my plate (being a single mother, taking care of my sick dad, running a business-that’s just to name a few!), and the only way I can fit it all in is by being intentional.” […]
December 10, 2020

Ep. 247: Growing Your FB Group

Meliss Marketing · Ep. 247 Growing Your FB Group   “You must have heard that growing a Facebook group is an amazing piece of the marketing puzzle that will help you build a relationship with your prospects and help them see the value in what it is you offer and […]
December 8, 2020

Ep. 246: So How Did My Challenge Do?

Meliss Marketing · Ep. 246: So How Did My Challenge Do?   “We’re breaking down the numbers of my most recent ‘Thanks For The Clients’ Challenge group!” In this 10-minute episode, I’m talking about data from my Thanks For The Clients!™ Challenge group: -My technology struggles since Facebook had a […]
December 3, 2020

Ep. 245: Step Outside And Look In

Meliss Marketing · Ep. 245: Step Outside And Look In   “You learn to make the best of it.” My family has a pet bearded dragon. He likes to sit at the top of his heated rock and waits for the crickets he eats to come to him before he […]
December 1, 2020

Ep. 244: This Month’s YouTube Contest!

Meliss Marketing · Ep. 244: This Month’s YouTube Contest The 250th podcast episode is coming up soon and I’m celebrating it with a contest! This content is where you can win a FREE 1-Hour 1:1 strategy session with me! In this 5-minute episode of Marketing Tips With Meliss podcast, I’m […]
November 26, 2020

Ep. 243: How I Get It All Done

Meliss Marketing · Ep. 243: How I Get It All Done “I know that there are a lot of overwhelmed people who are asking all the time ‘How do I get this done? There are only so many hours in the day!'” There’s so much to do everyday […]
November 19, 2020

Ep. 241: Following A Formula

Meliss Marketing · Ep. 241: Following A Formula “Most people believe you follow a formula and ‘POOF!’…you get more clients.” Do you follow a formula? In this 10-minute episode I’m talking about formulas for your marketing: -Avoid the ‘quick fixes’-It’s really not that simple! -Make small tweaks to the formula […]
November 17, 2020

Ep. 240: Coach Or VA?

  “Is it time to hire a coach or virtual assistant?” A lot of people ask me this question, and I’m so proud that you’ve recognized that you are ready for this step. In this 13-minute episode I talk about how to know which one is best for where you […]