"I am absolutely please by the work you have done with me and my marketing strategy. I found your website to be clear, understandable and so appealing. Your service was exceptional and the marketing report you presented was on point. You highlighted what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong and provided solutions to turn my wrongs into result oriented steps. I really appreciate your advise and I will be making steps to make changes right away! I would definitely recommend your service to other entrepreneurs just getting started and not sure how to use their tools to have marketing results and paying clients.”

-Zanny D., Owner Zanur Tours
October 24, 2018

Are you hiding behind your business?

The other day I was running ads for a client and we created 1 ad that was conversational text and another ad that was the exact same language but in video format. The video ad outdid the text ad by 60% Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are still not using video in their […]
October 24, 2018
Have you said this before? "I am getting NO engagements!"

Have you said this before? “I am getting NO engagements!”

Have you ever felt: frustrated, irritated, fed up, like you are losing your mind, unsure, clueless, don’t know where to begin, or like you were doing everything right but it just isn’t working for you? If any of these thoughts or feelings creep up occasionally, you are probably an entrepreneur […]
October 24, 2018
The 4 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now To Get More Clients

The 4 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now To Get More Clients

When you are just starting out online, you may find that getting clients is a BIG challenge. If you are a coach or have an online business, you may be thinking… How do I meet so many people that are my ideal client? How do I connect with them? How […]
September 28, 2018

Ep. 46: Free Marketing Habits Every Business Owner Should Adopt

In this episode I talk about marketing habits and routines that should consistently used to help your business grow.  We discuss: Email newsletters Blogging for business Social media engagement Updating your profiles Creating a connection
September 5, 2018

Ep. 45: Social Media Etiquette For Business Owners

In this episode I talk about why is it important for business owners to be aware of online etiquette.  We discuss: Overcoming a poor reputation Being respectful Separation of business and personal pages Engagement
August 30, 2018

Ep. 44: Difference Between A Social Media Strategist And Social Media Manager

In this episode I talk about what about the difference between a Social Media Strategist and a Social Media Manager and when should you go with one for your business.  We discuss: The roles and duties of each position How your business will benefit from having one or the […]
August 28, 2018

Ep. 43: 5 Components Of Facebook Marketing Usually Done Wrong

In this episode I talk about what about what a business usually does wrong when it comes to Facebook marketing and why it matters.  We discuss: Inconsistent posting Boring content Too many words Not having an effective social media strategy Lack of professionalism
August 23, 2018

Ep. 42: How To Nurture Your Facebook Friendships

In this episode I talk about why it is important to nurture your Facebook friendships when building your business.  We discuss: Building relationships Being proactive Finding common interests Tracking Leads
June 6, 2018

Ep. 41: The Why & How Of A Niche Market For Your Business That Includes Better Results & More Money

In this episode I talk about the having a niche market and why it gets results for your business.  We discuss: What is a niche market? Deciding what is your niche market Creating offers for your niche market